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What are grip socks

Grip socks are sports socks with added silicon grips on the foot, grip socks enhance foot grip inside your boots/sports shoe, reduces internal slipping and increases comfort and performace.

Gives additional
grip and stability

Eliminates slipping
inside the shoe

Defiance Grip Sock
with silicon grip

Breathable mesh
and support panel


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Defiance Grip Socks Black - mid calf length

Defiance Grip Socks White - mid calf length

Defiance Grip Socks Blue - mid calf length

Defiance Grip Socks - 3 sizes

Defiance Grip Socks with silicon grip featuring Defiance ® logo 

Gives additional grip and stability.

Eliminates slipping inside the shoe.

Suitable for all sports where socks are worn.

Breathable mesh and support panel

Size Guide




2 - 6

35 - 39


7 - 9

40 - 43


10 - 12

44 - 47

Worn by professionals and at grassroots level grip socks are a game changer.

Better fitting socks provide more traction in the boot. This extra grip helps kids when weaving in and out of the opposition players.

Grip socks can help boost ball control; as well as improve their ability to run, jump, and change direction in a split second. Quicker reaction times and agility on the pitch, will go towards improving both training and match performance