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The benefits of wearing compression layers for sport.

The benefits of wearing compression layers for sport.

The benefits of wearing compression layers for sport.

Childs wearing sport compression clothing

Once seen as something to keep the ‘snowflakes’ warm during winter sport many are now seeing the benefits of compression layers, also known as baselayers, technical layer, skins, under armour 

Compression clothing is often very tight-fitted sports clothing made from polyester and elastane. This gives the material a stretchy, breathable quality whilst still being very fitted to the body to provide support.

Studies have shown that quality compression layers can increase oxygen uptake to the muscle areas covered, which improves the efficiency of a warm-up and in-turn can prevent injury to a greater level than if not worn.

Compression clothing also has many benefits to sports performance, including wicking sweat away, helping you to stay warm and dry while exercising outdoors in cold and rainy weather, as well as offering flexibility and breathability for a wide range of movement.

Compression layers help to increase blood circulation are designed to regulate body temperature and reduce the build-up of lactic acid by compressing the muscles before during and after physical exercise.  Scientists have shown that in reducing the build up of lactic acid during and following exertion, an athlete’s recovery rate is greatly enhanced and their susceptibility to injury greatly reduced.

Baselayers are meant to be like a second skin, which means they offer a pretty snug fit. When you’re picking your baselayer, you want it to feel tight but it still needs to give you the flexibility you need to move. Getting the fit right is important as this is the reason it has so many benefits. A baselayer holds the body in the correct position. Wearing a top will help with your posture and ensure you keep your form throughout a match. It will also help open up the chest which allows you to take in more oxygen.

An added benefit of the skin-tight fit of a baselayer is that it can help prevent chaffing and rubbing. Wearing an additional layer means you have no worries about staying comfortable for an entire match or training session.

The snug fit of a compression layers can provide a sense of security and confidence, potentially boosting a young athletes mental performance and focus.

A 2019 study in male football players found that compression shorts helped reduce groin pain compared with regular sports clothing. The compression shorts did not appear to affect their performance negatively.

Another study from the Journal of Sports Sciences found that directional compression shorts helped support the hip adductor muscles, which may reduce strains in this area or aid a person’s recovery from them.

Defiance by Laceeze compression range currently includes mock neck long sleeved baselayers and compression shorts with compression trousers and grip socks coming this winter.


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