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New Season for the Parent Spectator!!

Writing this post and looking out of the window to a very wet, gloomy garden I pose the question....has our hottest summer finally departed? I do hope the answer is no since 3 nights under canvas are looming at the end of the week.

I for one did not complain once that it was too hot or that the garden needed some rain (after all it was no Chelsea flower show award winning entry to start with) I think one of my reasons for the obsession with lovely weather comes with the territory of being a 'sporting mum' (note the term sporting not sporty here!!!)

Yes, I am the lady wrapped up for an Antarctic expedition most Saturdays and Sundays throughout the winter on the side of a football pitch. It's an interesting job and I like to watch how others tackle it (no pun intended) some only have one child and get to leave as that final whistle goes whereas others may have created more than one "sporty child" and get a few minutes to thaw the toes before heading back out into the baltic conditions to praise, encourage and cheer some more!!! Some arrive with chairs, blankets, soup, tents and snacks.

Me? well I would like to hold my hand up and say yes I am organised and the oranges are chopped up ready the night before but the true reality is 5 minutes before departure there is usually quite a lot of yelling as a missing shin pad is being retrieved from the dog bed and a pair of matching socks located. "Get off your iPad" is the new "brush your teeth" in our house.

It would seem that the sporting seasons get longer with pre season training underway now amongst the chaos of school holidays (and attempts to run a business somewhere in between) and first matches being played the weekend we get our little darlings back to school! I probably should mention at this stage that my boys play football although initially dabbled with the rugby ball. They also compete in athletics so as the football season winds down (if it ever does with the steady stream of end of season training, tournaments and pre season training!) we find ourselves watching on from the side of a track or pit.

So how do I feel on this damp Sunday morning?.....actually rather excited about what the new season has to offer, I guess its like the first day of term at school, new teachers and a fresh start!

The boots are clean and surely even I can get the right socks for the first game of the season!!!

We can all have a catch up and a natter, discuss how we coped with the hottest summer ever and then reminiscence about it over the coming months as the mercury drops.

Once your children commit to playing sport (whatever it may be) for a team your life changes considerably, you to become part of that team, whether you are the person with the tent and soup or become a volunteer (I will save that for another blog!!!) There is a certain level of fulfilment though, you have been forced to leave the house despite horrendous weather (or maybe a sore head from the night before) so personal brownie points gained there and the kids love it, they play with a smile on their faces and you can hear them laughing and joking with their team mates before the start of a game.

Do I moan?.... Yes

Would I want to change my "sporting mum" status?...... Never, although a little more time off to enjoy what is left of our summer would be nice and to spend it as a family.

Now, I have to go as I am about to embark on a 5 hour car journey to get my son to a......... football match.

Whatever pitch, stadium or court you are on I wish you all a happy successful season.. Keep warm



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