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Keeping football boots clean & dry this winter

Keeping football boots clean & dry this winter


Football boots don't only protect your feet, help you perform on the pitch but are also really expensive!! So here are a few tips on how to keep them clean and dry this winter and protect your purse!! 

1. Immediately after the match remove excess mud or dirt. Although banging them together seems like the simple option this can damage the sole plate so its better to use a brush or a boot tool such as the Boot Claw

2. Clean the boots with warm water. We know how it feels after a match when you just want to warm up, eat and put your feet up (and that's the spectators) but don't put off cleaning your boots for another day. The sooner they are clean the sooner they can be dried. Everybody at Laceeze were unanimous in agreement that the Boot Buddy really is the best tool for this job.

3. Dry the boots. We asked our lovely followers on social media their top tips for getting boots dry and here are their answers. 

  • Pop near the radiator (but not on it)
  • Stuff with tea towels or newspaper and put in the airing cupboard
  • Use a hair dryer 
  • Put them in a freezer in a plastic bag!!!! 
  • Put bicarbonate of soda inside (this apparently works wonders when they get really smelly as well) 
  • Use shoe dryers such as the Boot Banana

4. Shoelaces and insoles will need to be removed from the boots from time to time and given a good clean with detergent before being left to dry naturally and then popped back into the boot. Here is our top hack.. Laceeze bands cover the shoe lace and prevents them from getting wet and muddy! 

If you have any amazing tips we would love to hear them, so please drop us a comment below. 


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