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7 Essential Winter Survival Tips for Parents of Grassroots Sport Kids

7 Essential Winter Survival Tips for Parents of Grassroots Sport Kids

7 Essential Winter Survival Tips

Don't let a wintery chill sideline your enthusiasm! Check out our grassroots football or rugby survival tips for spectating parents during colder match days.

#1 Layer Up

Don’t be fooled by the look of a crisp sunny day. The side of a football or rugby pitch is invariably colder than the artic. Wind that exists nowhere else will find its way to every exposed part of your being so layer up with base layers, gloves, scarves and of course the obligatory Defiance beanie. We also recommend avoiding wellie boots because, although they look cool, they don’t retain heat so lace-up walking boots with fluffy socks are a must-have winter survival item.

#2 Hot Drink

We all know that mad last minute rush to leave the house. Has your kid got everything he or she needs?! Just like on an aeroplane when the respiratory masks drop down, they always say save yourself first. This absolutely applies to those cold weekend mornings by the side of a pitch. Always take a hot drink in a travel mug or flask. We recommend the stainless steel cups that stay hot for longer. As well as being better for the environment, they will also keep your hands warm too!

If you plan to buy your coffee en-route from a big chain consider going to a local business or even buy from your club (many GR teams have coffee for sale to raise vital funds!!) 

Co-Founder Emma Burke admits to wearing mittens while she drinks her hot coffee so that she doesn’t get asked to tie laces. Genius idea Emma! 

#3 Wet Wipes

If you no longer have a baby or toddler at home then it might be a while since wet wipes formed an essential part of your armoury. This madness has to stop! Wet wipes are essential for the grassroots’ sport parent. You will find wet mud EVERYWHERE and it needs dealing with before it enters your car or home. Trust us you’ll thank us later.

 #4 Boot Buddy

Aptly named, the Boot Buddy is your winter friend. A Boot Buddy makes cleaning muddy football , rugby boots or trainers a much easier task. You can even add in some washing up liquid to get rid of really tough stains.

#5 Laceeze Bands

Laceeze bands are even more essential in the winter months because nobody wants to be taking their gloves off to tie laces, again and again! Don’t forget to remove your Laceeze bands after each wear and wash any mud or grass off them in warm, soapy water so they’re all ready to go for next time.

#6 Boot Claw

A perhaps lesser known product than the Boot Buddy but essential boot maintenance none the less. The simple “claw” from the Boot Claw will scrape out the unwanted mud from the pitch to stop it arriving unwanted elsewhere.

#7 Car Essentials

It is also worth stocking your car in advance with a few winter training essentials. We recommend an umbrella, roll of bin bags (for muddy bottoms and feet!), warm jumpers, an old towel and spare gloves. Kids ALWAYS lose gloves. Shop the Defiance range now for all your winter clothing requirements.

We hope you enjoy the winter training season.

The main thing is be prepared and keep a sense of humour at all times.

See you on the other side.

If you have a winter training life hack you’d like to share with us, then please message us on our social media channels @laceeze and use the hastags #dontstopthegame #winterhacks


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