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Laceeze Earns 'Made in Britain Marque'

Laceeze Earns 'Made in Britain Marque'
'Marque' It News

We talk daily at Laceeze about what is is that makes a brand and why it's important, not only to us but to everyone who buys our product. It's simple to go to market and mass produce, 'stack um high and sell um cheap' how many times have we heard that?

Well that's not our philosophy here, it's about quality, it's about pride and it's about credibility.

We want our bands to stand out from the crowd, to have a moral compass as well as offer a practical solution to shoe laces coming undone during sport.

We are already donating back into grassroots sports, partnering events and reducing stress levels in the junior coaching fraternity across the UK and we want to do more!

We took another step forward in our band to brand journey yesterday by being awarded the Made In Britain Marque.

This award makes us very proud indeed and is the first of many accreditations we are seeking. The confirmation email felt like we'd been sprinkled in gold dust, and it occurred to me that for you, the consumer, it should feel the same, giving you confidence in the knowledge you're buying a quality product. We just upped the ante and put a ring on it.

Keep tuned to our blogs, our bands are popping up across the UK via online sales and our ambassador programmes. Share your experiences with us too, you're the most important ingredient in this recipe.


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